Stop the madness…Sending in your decision

I’ve written about contacting Cadet Command a few times in the past (here and here) and obviously old posts don’t get read.  Some of this information is dated, but the basic premise is the same. This may become an annual blog post. I have been contacted and I have seen discussion board posts where an applicant is not sure what their status is and wants to know how they can verify that their acceptance had been received. They invariably go on to say that they have emailed and faxed and mailed their response. In response, here is my advice

Do what Cadet Command asks you to do

Here’s what the letter they sent you says:

Mail this form to the address in the return address block OR fax to (502) 624-1120 OR scan and e-mail to

It doesn’t say “AND“, it says “OR“.


Scan and email

This is the surest way to make sure your response is received.  You’ll have a document in your sent folder in your email, and you don’t have to wonder if there is paper in the fax machine, or if the letter got delivered 5 days from now.

If you send your response multiple times you are just bogging down the system.  The same people that are opening the mail everyday and scanning the responses are also getting responses off  the fax machine, and checking the email and processing responses.  If they get a paper response they still have to scan and upload that response.  If they get a digital copy of your response in an email you just saved them a step.

Check your application status

There are a couple ways you can verify that your decision was received.  If you check your online application your acceptance letter will eventually get uploaded to your documents, the same way your offer letter was.  If you see it uploaded then Cadet Command has received it. I don’t think your status will change from “offer”, so don’t let that bother you.   The ROO at your school of choice should also be able to see that you accepted the offer. Touching base with him or her will also keep that line of communications open with the ROO and let them know you are excited to be joining their program.

Hope that helps…let’s not bog down the system.



Here is the question that was part of an email I received a couple weeks back-

I was wondering on how the program would fit in with a pre-med track. Would one be enlisted upon graduation from Clarkson or after completion of Medical School.

Here is my reply –

With regards to pre-med. There are no guarantees that if you are a premed student you will serve in a medical branch, or that the Army will facilitate your future medical education. If you complete 4 years of ROTC you will commission into the active force or into the Guard/Reserves and serve part time. You will have the opportunity to request an educational delay to go on to graduate school if you choose to go active duty (there are no guarantees, and it is very competitive), or you can choose to commission into the Guard or Reserves and go on to med school while serving part time as an Army Officer. So, enlisting is not something we do…we get commissioned as Army Officers.

I know at face value that doesn’t sound like you are getting a lot for your commitment to serve, but what you will get is excellent leadership training, a guaranteed management opportunity in our organization when you graduate, and the camaraderie and support of the your fellow cadets and the cadre.

to learn more about the opportunities to serve in the medical field I would encourage all who are interested to contact a medical recruiter. There are some great opportunities, and Army ROTC can even be a path to serving in that field, but we are one path that isn’t 100%.